Provenance & Authenticity

Provenance & Authenticity

Château Yorviqué is a worldwide wine specialist seller of The Rothschilds Family Wine ranges. Our distinctive business focus is to provide customers with: Genuine & Authentic Wines & Spirits, The Best Possible Quality of Wines & Spirits through Complete Cold Storage Supply Chain & Provence, Propper Storage at our Warehouse and Stores of Wines; and again maintained in dedicated wine chillers and lastly delivered to your door in perfect condition.

Neglected Wines & Spirits that have been subjected to warm temperatures, water or frost, shock damage and variable climate conditions will be without doubt spoiled as a result. The same can also be said if you intend to keep the wine to mature; wines that had not been well kept will not be able to age as the damage caused is irreversible.

The extent of the damage to the quality is noticeable different in many ways. Our care provides you with the BEST Quality and taste as if you had opened at the Château itself.

The hidden truth…
Our experience so far in Singapore is that all wine & spirit sellers will claim that they have: Authenticity, Provenance, Safe Storing facility, Refrigerated Storage or Chilled Environment etc etc. But Sadly its really just sales talk and marketing propaganda.

We conducted our 1st Survey in Singapore at the start of the year and found some very alarming concerns:
All of the stores we approached said that the wines came with Provenance but when asked for the proof they were unable to provide; in-fact when ask what was the difference between wine A and wine B the stores was only able to say “this wine has provenance and this one doesn’t, the one with provenance is more expensive.”

We also asked about how the wine was shipped from the vineyard to Singapore. None of the stores we spoke to had any plausible concept of what was actually needed in order to transport the wine in a safe environment. We found one wine company their wine was being delivered from a open lorry; the wine was warm.

The second biggest concerns was the storage of the wines. A shocking 90% of the stores kept their wines out in the open shop space and not in a chiller unit; to make matters worse when we inspected the shops after closing time we found the air-conditioning was off.
The stores that did have a chiller room of some sorts unfortunately wasn’t accurately controlled or and the temperature wasn’t even in the storage space and again when the shops were closed a large of the amounts of stores that had open chiller rooms you could see the green light was off on the air-con unit used to cool the room.