2015 Château Mouton Cadet Rouge Rothschild 750ml (6bt box)

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2015 Chateau Mouton Cadet Rouge Rothschild 750ml (6 bottle box)


2015 Chateau Mouton Cadet Rouge Rothschild 750ml (6 bottle box)

Mouton Cadet Rouge is the starting point into the world of Rothschild Wine Culture. It offers first time buyers or new wine drinkers the chance to explore the characteristics that makes Rothschild wine some impressionable worldwide.

Upon opening the bottle and smelling the end of the wine cork there are subtle hint aroma’s of fruit, flowers and the some indication of wood. The aroma’s are slightly more profound from the bottle itself and the same can be said when poured into your wine glass.

You will notice with this starting point wine that the taste is different depending on if you decant the wine, use a large rounded glass and if you leave it for 24 hour period.

For ourselves we find that upon opening the wine its best to let the wine breath in the morning and then place back into the wine cooler ready to drink at night. This for us calms down the wine and makes it more balanced.

Mouton Cadet was established over 90 years ago and in that time has been developed into a excellent everyday accessible entry class of the Mouton family of wines. It first started with Philippe de Rothschild whom layer died in 1988 and was succeeded by his daughter Philippine de Rothschild.

The objective behind Mouton Cadet is to allows wine enthusiasts to experience a sense understanding behind mouton as an introduction into the collection.