2015 Château Mouton Cadet Médoc Réserve Rothschild 750ml (6bt Box)

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2015 Chateau Mouton Cadet Médoc Réserve Rothschild 750ml


2015 Chateau Mouton Cadet Médoc Réserve Rothschild 750ml (6 bottle box)

Blend: Merlot: 61% – Red fruit flavours Cabernet Sauvignon: 39% – Structure, power and black fruit notes

Mouton Cadet Médoc Réserve is good, well founded wine in the collection. It’s a reliable, well crafted and a sturdy example from Mouton Cadet that should be including in every home. You know what to expect from the blend, it consistent from the moment you open the bottle, the first sensation on your lips, then on to your palate and then the after taste.
It goes well with most wines, and you will find that it can last for 2 nights after opening.

Mouton Cadet was established over 90 years ago and in that time has been developed into a excellent everyday accessible entry class of the Mouton family of wines. It first started with Philippe de Rothschild whom layer died in 1988 and was succeeded by his daughter Philippine de Rothschild.

The objective behind Mouton Cadet is to allows wine enthusiasts to experience a sense understanding behind mouton as an introduction into the collection.